Academy Leadership Associates, LLC.
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Academy Leadership Associates, LLC

The Members of the ALA Team

The Academy Leadership Associates, LLC (ALA) team is comprised
of current and former faculty members of the FBI Academy staff who
have a national and international reputation for excellence.  All senior
partners and associates have years of personal leadership
experience and have worked with some of the largest public sector
organizations in the world – each has combined lifelong learning
and multiple graduate and/or doctorate degrees with practical
experience.  This produces a team of highly educated practitioners
with years of experience in helping to develop others.

Due to the distinct backgrounds and experience base of each of the
senior partners, ALA is able to offer consultation services as well as
program management and instruction to its clients.  By virtue of the
backgrounds of the senior partners, we have accumulated a broad
understanding of work place challenges and solutions.  As adult
educators and practitioners and because of the nexus of the two,
ALA partners have the capacity to use case study scenarios to
enhance the quality of the program being offered.  Further, they are
able to use their coaching talents to apply the concepts and theories
of the classroom to the specific situations raised by course

Additionally, through our Associates, ALA provides a broad range of
Risk Management and Risk Assessment services.  
Academy Leadership Associates, LLC