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David S. Corderman, Ph.D.
Senior Partner, Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
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Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
David S. Corderman       

As a senior partner of the Academy Leadership Associates, LLC (ALA), a former instructor of
graduate studies in human behavior and leadership at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia,
and an adjunct faculty member of the University of Virginia, David S. Corderman’s career in
leadership, training and development spans three decades.

Prior to assuming his current position with ALA, in January 2007, Dave retired from the FBI
following 24 years of duty, eight and half of which were spent on the FBI’s Hostage Rescue
Team.  He retired as Chief of the Leadership Development Institute, where he was
responsible for all the FBI’s external and internal leadership development programs
including the National Executive Institute, the Law Enforcement Executive Development
Seminar, and the international Leadership in Counterterrorism Program.  During his tenure in
the FBI he received numerous awards for bravery and merit.

Dave travels extensively, speaking and conducting leadership workshops and seminars in
law enforcement, governmental and private sector venues across the country.  In 2006 he
participated in the Gallup Leadership Institute Summit speaking on a panel titled,
“Developing Leaders for Dangerous Contexts.”  Recently, he assisted the United States
Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. with their Global Leadership Conference and was also a
panel member.  Dr. Corderman co-developed a Critical Incident Management curriculum,
with another ALA Senior Partner Dr. Nicholson, for the U. S. Department of State.  Additionally
he is part of the teaching faculty for the Sports Event Risk Management Program, University of
Southern Mississippi.

David holds a BA in Social Relations from Lehigh University, a MPA from Virginia
Commonwealth University, a MS from Virginia Polytechnic and State University (Virginia
Tech), and a PhD from Virginia Tech doing his dissertation research on using multi-rater
feedback to improve leadership performance in the FBI.  Prior to joining the Bureau, Dave
was an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps.