Academy Leadership Associates, LLC.
Michael Ferrence Jr.
Senior Partner, Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
Consultant, Program Manager, and Advisor
Office: 540 899-2998/Email:
Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
Michael Ferrence Jr      

As a senior partner of the Academy Leadership Associates (ALA), LLC, Michael Ferrence Jr.
specializes in leadership training and development, program design, organizational
program and process evaluations, and performance consultation.   Mike was a former
program manager of an international counter-terrorism leadership training program which
he co-designed and currently serves as the co-Chairman of Training for a professional
association of program graduates.  He was a  managing Subject Matter Expert on the
design and development of an international training academy counter terrorism curriculum,
and advisor for several other terrorism training related projects.

Mike has 36 years of law enforcement experience including ten years of municipal policing
(two years as a Police Chief), 26 years with the FBI including nine years as program
manager for leadership development at the FBI Academy as the Chief of the Leadership
Development Institute.  He has developed or supervised the maturity of all internal
leadership programs at the FBI Academy, primarily focused on individual leadership
competencies and operational management.  These programs have provided training to
approximately 1,200 management level employees over the course of his nine-year tenure
as Chief.  At the time of his retirement he was serving in the position of Special Assistant to
the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Academy.

Mike has experience as an internal evaluator and consultant for the FBI and local law
enforcement organizations.  He served on the Excellence in Government conference
planning committee, Major Cities Chiefs Human Resource Sub Committee, Board of
Advisors of Envisage Corporation (IT and Learning Management System developer), is a
Research Associate for the Institute for Operational Readiness and Continuous Education
in Security, Associate Executive Director of the Major County Sheriffs’ Association, the
Director of National Intelligence Homeland Security and Law Enforcement Partners Group,
and is a member of the National Executive Institute Associates.

Mike holds a MPA from Wayne State University and a MS in Adult Learning and Human
Development from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.  He received his BS in
Police Administration, from Wayne State University.  Mike is presently pursuing doctorate in
Adult Learning and Human Development.