Academy Leadership Associates, LLC.
Creating a Communications-Intensive
Work Environment
To provide the students the means to develop a heightened
communications awareness at both the organizational and
interpersonal levels.  To identify communication barriers and
idiosyncrasies which prevent the organization from achieving high
performance.  These issues often occur along such lines as
cultural, generational, gender-related, and functional, to name a
few, and which will be even more magnified in high visibility
environments and events.  To identify how these particular
communications and behavioral characteristics can impact the

Upon completion of this input the student will:

  • Know and recognize the impact of failed communications
  • Identify and articulate personal strengths and growth
    areas as they relate to communication
  • Know and recognize communication barriers
  • Identify how individual communication behavioral
    characteristics can impact their agency
  • Be able to formulate and execute sound communication
    practices designed to create the most accurate
    understanding of the intended message
  • Recognize the difference in satisfying internal and external
    communication demands
  • Be able to strike the balance between public interests and
    operational imperatives

Method of Delivery:
Lecture, case study, and role-playing exercises

Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
Academy Leadership Associates, LLC