Academy Leadership Associates, LLC.
Leadership and Ethics
To provide students with the knowledge of the proper use of
power in a leadership position through analysis of effective
behavior and ethical issues.  To recognize how the agency’s
values and mission affect the day to day operations of the
organization.  To aid the student in identifying the key components
of a value statement and how it is incorporated within the agency
through the use of human behavior.  To discuss problem solving
techniques for unethical behavior.

Upon completion of this input the student will:

  • Identify key values and guiding principles in an
    organization of excellence
  • Recognize the need for ethical behavior within the
    organization and how this translates to actual performance
  • Be able to identify the interconnectivity of organizational
    culture and guiding principles, vision, and mission
  • Know the need for addressing ethical issues immediately
  • Identify areas of vicarious liability as a result of unethical
  • Identify areas for improving behavior and developing
  • Explore how key guiding principles have played a role in
    the evolution of organizational development
  • Know the limitations of external forces on organizations

Method of Delivery:
Lectures, group exercises, pre-reads and case studies

Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
Academy Leadership Associates, LLC