Academy Leadership Associates, LLC.
Leading Change
To provide students with an in depth analysis of strategic change
and how to utilize transformative, transactional and directive
techniques.  The focus of this aim is on the implication of change
on the work force rather than on the process and structure of the
organization.  Students will understand the dynamics of change,
particularly as it relates to the real and perceived threats and how
to respond while maintaining organizational and mission

Upon completion of this input the student will:

  • Know the difference between transformational,
    transactional, and command and control leadership styles
  • Be able to identify and utilize the most appropriate
    leadership style to facilitate change
  • Be able to distinguish the difference between micro and
    macro elements of change
  • Be able to utilize skills to reduce apathy and “change
  • Know that change includes a human process that is
    evolutionary rather than revolutionary
  • Know the key elements of the change dynamic which
    includes denial, resistance, and malicious compliance
  • Know the power of effective and persistent communication
    during a change process
  • Know the need for flexibility when exploring and
    implementing change

Method of Delivery:
Lecture, case studies, and group exercises

Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
Academy Leadership Associates, LLC