Academy Leadership Associates, LLC.
Selling the Law Enforcement "Brand" -
To provide students with an in depth analysis of the need to
market their agency and how to do so effectively.  To develop
strategies for overcoming communication's barriers, to include
strategies and skills for effectively dealing with the public and,
when appropriate the news media, both print and electronic.  To
identify the important information distinctions between “cleared to
know” and “need to know,” and how to deal with individuals in
positions of power and/or authority who may fail one, or both, of
the required elements.

Upon completion of this input the student will:

  • Know critical behaviors and drivers of the public’s interest
    in law enforcement
  • Know how to develop an effective strategy for dealing with
    the public in a way that overcomes communication’s
  • Be able to formulate effective strategies for relations with
    the public during critical incidents to include negotiating
    ground rules, identifying the most effective
    spokespersons, and creating organizational messages
  • Be able to develop and implement an effective protection
    strategy which avoids disclosure of critical information to
    individuals in power/authority positions who fail to meet
    the “cleared need to know” standard yet still maintains
    their support and input
  • Know that you may have a press management strategy,
    but you will never control the press
  • Be able to strike the balance between public interests and
    operational imperatives

Method of Delivery:
Lecture, case study, and role-playing exercises

Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
Academy Leadership Associates, LLC
Managing  Image in Good Times and Bad