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Services We Provide

The Academy Leadership Associates, LLC (ALA) is a full service
provider of training and education programs, experiential
learning, coaching and mentoring, and risk management.  In
addition, the firm provides consultation services regarding
program evaluation, organizational design, work-flow analysis,
and related assessments of work performance.  The
professionals and associates of ALA also provide security
assessments to a very few select clients.

Samples of Instruction provided:
Leadership and Ethics
Creating a Communications-Intensive Work Environment
Leading Change
Selling the Law Enforcement “Brand”

While these examples are but a taste of the many programs  the
ALA team is capable of providing, they lend an understanding to
the richness and depth of the talent members and associates
possess.  ALA would be happy to work with any of our clients to
tailor specific programs and instruction that meets and exceeds
expectations normally found in the leadership, coaching, and
mentoring domains of training.

Other topical areas that show some of the range of talent among
the ALA team:

Proactive Media Relations
Budget and Grant Writing
Risk Management
Self Development and Leadership
Decision Making and Leadership
Organizational Culture/Leadership
Human Behavior in Organizations
Leadership in Counterterrorism
Risk Assessment
Academy Leadership Associates, LLC